1 day until your trip to New York City

Wow a crazy day. Who’d have thought there is so much to do to leave the island for a while. Sorting paperwork, printing visas, organising currency, telling the bank where you’re going, oh and washing. A slight panic today when I did my final wash load of items I want to take with me. The machine beeped to say it had finished and the door wouldn’t open. Seriously my jeans, the jeans I wanted to take, stuck in the machine! A good while later after fiddling around and trying different wash cycles, the jeans were set free, phew. How would I have survived without this selected pair? Jeans rescued and drying ready for their adventure.

The packing has continued also today. Starting with the sock debate, thin socks, thick socks, doubling up socks and how many socks? Socks for minus zero weather. Socks for walking in hot weather. Can I fit socks inside shoes in my case to save space? Too many socks means less space for hair products, the essential hair products. I have been told that due to the fact that I am a Leo, my mane is obviously important. How right they are and how much can I get in my case?!?

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