New York – a reflection

An early 5am start, starts my day. A 45 minutes taxi ride from Times Square to JFK airport gives me time to reflect on my stay here and consider my suggestions for fellow travellers.🍏Manhattan is expensive, $9-12 for a smallish glass of wine, food and clothes prices are high. To compare it to other areas it costs $700 to park a car here month whilst over the bridge in Queens an apartment can be rent for the same price. By the way the parking lots are amazing, I’ve yet to discover how they get the cars down but here is a picture.

🍏Bring warm clothing for the winter, fleecy lined. I bought hand warmers, a fleecy snood and headband whilst I was here. At one point I had five layers of clothes on including thermals. 

🍏Carry lots of small change. It is customary to tip, a lot. Most people earn a small wage which is topped up with tips.

🍏Go on the Big Bus tour, I highly recommend it. The guides are entertaining and you learn where to visit. I took a two day tour. If I were to return I would add the evening tour from a Times Square to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge. They too require tips.

🍏Make a list of all the places you’d like to visit. Check opening times, where they are and when you get there have a coffee. I used this time to replenish and check my map for any other buildings I wanted to visit in the area.
🍏Use the Staten Island Ferry which is free unless you want to see the view from the top of the Statue of Liberty. A ticket for this must be bought in advance.

🍏Visit places in the morning, day and nighttime. New York seemed this week to be very sunny in the morning and warm and at night time, lit romantically by hundreds of white lights.

🍏If you’re travelling bring items which make you feel like you’re at home. Travelling light is good but your favourite shampoo at the end of a long days sightseeing is heavenly.

🍏Even though we speak the same language, we don’t speak the same language. Chips are not chips they are fries. Milk is half and half, skim or whole and they will ask which you want. Be prepared not to be understood! My accent has been compared to Kate Winslett’s and I’ve been told that no matter what I say it sounds pretty. Apparently the English are known for saying, ‘lovely’.

🍏When I revisit New York again I would choose to visit during the spring time and stay downtown nearer The Village. It’s more relaxed there and everywhere is easily accessible admittedly I didn’t travel by the subway or buses but I choose to walk to absorb the surroundings.

So as I board my plane to Los Angeles, I realise how lucky I am to have been here and think to myself New York it’s been lovely to meet you. 🍏❤️

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