Laguna Beach 

I’ve woken up to an incredibly wet Sunday morning. The rain is torrential as I leave Santa Clarita for the drive to Laguna Beach. The freeways are sodden with rain which seems to gather in rivers, visibility at times makes it difficult to negotiate the road ahead. After a few hours of travelling I arrive at Laguna Beach and the storm has set in here too. I have a room which overlooks the ocean and I see the waves smash against the shore whilst the rivers of water run off the roads into the ocean. I venture out to the local store for supplies but return for the remainder of the day to watch the sea and the weather from my dry room. 

The next day and the rain continues. The surrounding areas have been affected by mudslides and people being evacuated and California continues to experience the worst rainfall in years. Being a Brit and use to the rain, I decide to explore the area. 

The beaches look beautiful, the colours and light are amazing here. The blueness of the sea and even the cloudy sky look somewhat different to home. Thankfully the rain gives respite every so often and the sun appears. 
Laguna Beach is a pretty little place with quaint wooden clad boutiques which are empty today, coves and art galleries. There is a very chilled vibe arty feel to the area. I go into a clothing shop in which they tell me that they make the clothing at the back of the store. The clothes are well made and the creative side of the area becomes recognisable. The beach area is a mecca for volleyball and surfing although I don’t see any evidence of that today but I am sure it’s a great place to be when the sun shines.

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