Six Flags Magic Mountain

A short journey along the concrete filled roads of Los Angeles takes me towards Six Flags Magic Mountain. I am terrified of heights. As Six Flags gets closer I realise that the way I have to approach today is by not looking up, sideways or at all at the rollercoasters. 

This approach works well whilst I am wearing a cap unfortunately I pass it on and the realisation is that without the peak of the cap obscuring my view I can see more than I wish. I glance sideways and catch sight of the Green Lantern. I instantly create a narrative about how this is ridden (which turns out to be incorrect) and as I approach it for ride number five I feel nauseous, not helped by the ride being delayed for unknown reasons. As I wait I feel the need to be grounded. The four previous rides with their click click click and silence have turned my stomach. The adrenaline rush makes me feel cold and I am thankful that I chose not to eat breakfast (only choosing to eat a $4 Snickers all day, to reduce any effect the rides have on me). Once strapped tightly in the Green Lantern throws me forward facing the ground and lifts me up. The ground disappears before pulling me backwards and dropping me to the ground again. I’m sure it is a short ride but I wish it would hurry up. 

Most of the rides leave me with a churning stomach however I complete eleven rides at Six Flags (not all rollercoasters): Goliath, Batman, Full Throttle, Gold Rusher, Green Lantern, Jet Stream, Lex Luther, Ninja, Scream, Twisted Colossus and Viper. I have a Flash Pass which allows me not to queue and as the park seems relatively quiet, moving from ride to ride is easy. The park has plenty of food outlets (no food or drinks can be brought in to the park), clothing and candy stores.

Some rides are sadly (thankfully) are closed due to heavy rainfall such as Superman and there are rides being altered for the new season. However I end my brave day with a second ride on Scream. 

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