Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, California

Leaving Laguna Beach behind I continue my journey to Palm Springs. Here the sky is blue and it’s warm. I enjoy the sunshine and find it intriguing to see the mountains near by covered with snow. Friends suggest a cable car ride from the heat at the base of Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to San Jacinto Peak via an eleven minute ride in a 360 degree rotating car overlooking Chino Canyon. I am so nervous that most of the time I hold onto the bar in the centre of the car and keep my head down looking at the floor. I know that I am climbing up to the 9500 feet top as I occasionally glance straight ahead towards the horizon, feel the car sway as it passes through the pylons and as my ears pop due to the pressure. I note the almost vertical rock faces as I pass them and feel the bumps as the car docks at the top.

The mountain is covered with trees, plants and is deep in snow. I follow the windy path down to a track which is icy. I am amazed at the difference in temperature up here and the winter wonderland in front of me. The snow is illuminated in the sunshine and looks stunning against the green trees and blue sky.

Following the path leads me to one of many views (some of which can not be seen today as pathways are closed off). Although I don’t venture too near the edge the picture in front of me is striking. 
The snow makes it difficult to explore a wide area today. I spend four hours at San Jacinto Peak and have the opportunity to eat at Peaks Restaurant which provides good food with a view over the Canyon. 

My descent to the ground feels faster (although it’s not) and safer than my ride up. On the way down I see the cables from the car and note the steepness of our journey. I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit San Jacinto Peak. But my body and brain are so relieved when I feel the ground beneath my feet.


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