Camper-van, Daintree National Park, Australia

Our travel plans have led us to deciding to travel down the east coast of Australia. It seems appropriate to do so in the same style as most by camper-van. Having flown from Oahu, Hawaii to Melbourne the next stage of my travels requires a flight to Cairns on the north east side of Australia. It surprised me to learn the flight was three hours long (in Britain distances are much shorter) and included a change in time zone.
On arrival in Cairns we took a taxi to Travellers Autobarn and collected Martha. Martha had obviously seen better days but she was going to be home for the next month. We handed Martha our suitcases and jumped in the cab for our first stage of travels to the Daintree Rainforest. Our journey was slowed by repairing the sidelight which we discovered banging on the side of the van and we were entertained by the rattle of the cups, plates and cutlery in the drawers, however did Martha travel well. 
Our two and a half hour journey via the supermarket to collect supplies took us from the developed suburban town of Cairns to the humid, lush, green, untouched, undeveloped and remote area of Daintree National Park. We drove to PK’s campground in Cape Tribulation, hooked up the van and engaged in the excitement of organising the inside of Martha. With little storage space I placed my clothes in the cupboard under the seat and the food in the tiny kitchen area. Our next challenge was to work out how to set up the beds, using the collection of different shaped cushions we began our game of Tetris. 

Tetris led us to night time, the light had faded and outside the noise was intense. The rainforest by day and night is incredibly loud. The air is filled with the sounds of crickets, birds, bugs and frogs. The noise is both intense and relentless, it never stops and this evening a thunderstorm has joined in with the orchestra of noise. Storms at night scare me but tonight I feel they comfort me and cool me down, and besides my greatest fear at the moment is for the snakes which I know are out there…..somewhere.

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