Camper-vaning Millaa Millaa Waterfalls and Tablelands, Queensland, Australia

Following the previous days snake excitement we drove from the beach area into the Tablelands. The road towards Millaa Millaa was winding and steep however our reward was to drive up to the most vivid double rainbow I have ever seen. The Tablelands are green and plentiful of trees and cattle, reminding me of Sussex in England. 

Our stay at the site in Millaa Millaa was brief due to us arriving at near darkness and leaving early to tour the three waterfalls near by. Australia being Australia is set up for tourists and the tourist route is a 15km road laid out so that the waterfalls can be visited in a loop and accessed by the free parking (which is everywhere here) available.

The waterfalls each different could be heard before your eyes were able to see them. With so many tourists travelling around we made an early start and stopped at Millaa Millaa falls first. 

Zillie Falls

Ellinjaa Falls

After the waterfalls was the long drive back towards the coast and to Townsville. Our destination was to catch the ferry to Magnetic Island. On route we took a detour to a shopping mall. After being inside for about 40 minutes, we walked back towards Martha (camper-van). As I went to get inside I saw a man opposite Martha holding what I thought was a snake bag. We went over to him as he retrieved a carpet python and secured it in the bag. Two snakes in two days! 
Only afterwards did it occur to us that the snake was close to Martha and that our snake had disappeared to the underside of the van. It couldn’t have been, could it?

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