Farm Fest Music Weekend, Uxbridge 2017

Yesterday I went to Farm Fest in Uxbridge. Set on beautiful farmland with a lake and two wooden retreats to hire. People had pitched up tents to listen to a variety of music, from rock to folk and gospel.

The event is run to raise funds to support for female asylum seekers and their children. The farm supports two large houses and The British Red Cross contact them to take in vulnerable women. These are women (and their children) who may be escaping human trafficking, domestic violence or homelessness. Apart from all experiencing vulnerability they are unable to access support within the British system as they are not UK residents. The Catholic Worker Farm help the women engage with solicitors, provide food, shelter, medical treatment and a safe loving environment. If the women do access Legal Aid they are only entitled to £300 worth. Anyone who knows the legal system knows that pays for an hour, not enough to support someone who has been trafficked to Britain.
The CW Farm is the only place in the South East of England that provides such a service and many of these women would have had their children removed from them without their support. The Farm receives no funding from the government and look to the local community and sponsors for support. The housing accommodation alone costs £3000 + per month.  Check out their website and perhaps put their next festival in the diary

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