Late in 2016 I decided that the time was right to seriously put into place my ambition to travel. Having never travelled until a year before I knew longer term travelling was what I aspired to do. So I gave notice to leave my secure job as an Early Years Teacher and Leader.

Then came the decision of where to go. Having lived a life of limited travel experience the decision is harder than you could ever imagine. One thing I knew was that sunshine had to be present along with warmth. Lots of ideas were batted about including a few months travelling round India. Ultimately for me that felt like a step too far, travelling in a third world country for a long period of time when I am an inexperienced traveller. This followed many conversations with friends who had travelled to India. Although India is most definitely on the bucket list.

Another consideration is that I am non-Coeliac gluten intolerant which means I feel awful if I eat foods or have drinks contain gluten. My thoughts about India were that there would be a lot of street food and a language barrier which would impact on my ability to avoid gluten. So travelling with this in mind makes life more interesting.

After multiple debates and changing minds the major flights have been booked. My flight departs on Tuesday 10th January 2017 from Gatwick Airport to………

The worst thing I could have done is to maintain a particular kind of….success for the entire career and then look back and think of all the things that one could have tried and could have done, and think  – why didn’t I do that?’ (David Bowie, Pegg.N. 2016)